ok, shoe is goin' away fer a bit, xmas cheer an all that, so's to keep you all happy in th' meantime, here are some comickin' thingys that'll keep you all entertained..

foist of all, a nice 'lil page to customize an read th' dailies..Comics!

then for a good slam on the sorry-ass state o' th' dailies, here's a little some-ting...Funny Paper. check it oot. too bad they don't update no more!

ok, now to the 'weird' shtuff... for a good grounding in what's what in goodcomicks, 'ave a look at Fantagraphics Books, all the major arteests and what not nicely laid oot for your perusal...

an so, that'll naturally lead you to wiggid awesome Jim Woodring. like, trippy, yeah...

an for another kinda mind-blowin' episodic 'cartoon', do please read The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick, by none other than Mr. Crumb.

some old favourites from shoe's alma mater; shoe was doin' some comickin' round the time these big boys where cuttin' their teeth..
Bob the Angry Flower
Space Moose

yeah. an' so wit all that shloshing around in yer brainpan, yer prolly going to wanta give this comickin' thing a whirl for yerself. hit the Doodlebug an go nuts.

da shoebox

super-secret satellite info on the shoebox, gleaned from a super-secret nifty piece o software called keyhole

g,head, try the one-week trial... it's pretty phonky.


so, back in the roppongi hills complex, footsore an hurtin from all the foney holiday spirit in the air, what's a poor shoe ta do? get down with a great bowl of shoyuu, that's what. the wonton fit in nicely ta boot wit th' mildly fishy broth.

sunset over mt. fuji as seen from the 52nd floor of roppongi hills, approximately 4:25 pm

that's it.

tha snowy peaks o' cheese

shoe finally found a good excuse to get out to ebisu to start attacking the local ramens.. an so the top o the list was tsukumo's cheesey delight. now, the average ramen muncher when hearing of cheese as a key ingredient will give you a bug-eyed sideways glance an dismiss the whole thing. its the kind of ingredient that a really hungry (and poor)home ramen eater will add to a bowl to give it some chunk, and to maxx out the calories. and so shoe was, yonks ago, when first laying eyes on this kyushu tonkotsu, kinda suspicious. back then, shoe went for the more modest reg'lar tonkotsu, a fine bowl that has nothing to be ashamed of.

but today, today shoe finally sorted hisself out and went for the CHEESE. and wotta thick bowl! as if the tonkotsu wasn't enough to fill yer gut, the pile of fresh grated cheesey goodness at the top just melts into the bowl, suffusing the works. and it works.

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